The Value Of Printed Marketing Brochures

Printed Marketing Brochures Are A Bit Like The Singer, Tom Jones – Been Around Ages But Exceptionally Reliable Performers Who Can Still Belt Out The Hits When Required.

OK, what’s so great about them?

· They are a trusted reference for your product providing all the details and specifications – (unlike a website they’re always available)
· They provide support to the personal selling effort lending credibility and can provide a point of differentiation from your competitors
· They can be used to support lead generation campaigns – a great component of a direct mail campaign that with on-demand printing technology can be personalised for greater impact.

A bit like booking Tom, creating a brochure can represent a significant investment so before starting work you need to have clear answers for the following 4 questions.

1. Who is the target audience for the brochure?
2. How will your audience receive the brochure?
3. What should they learn from reading the brochure?
4. What’s the call to action on your brochure?

If you can answer these 4 questions, then time to get planning.

Finally, just make sure you use them effectively. You don’t want boxes of them in your warehouse – you want them in the hands of your sales prospects.