Email Campaigns – Segmenting Your Data

Launching An Email Campaign Without Segmenting Your Data Is Like Potty Training – You’ll Invest A Lot Of Time And Emotion In The Process But Will Rarely Hit The Target…

If you want to increase your open rates, boost your click rates, and reduce your unsubscribe rates then you need to segment your data.

By understanding the specific characteristics that differentiate each segment, you can tailor the content of your email campaign to each individual segment and significantly increase your conversions.

Straightforward ways of segmenting your data could include.

· Open Rate – subscribers who frequently engage with your emails compared to those who engage less frequently.

· Event Attendance – those who attended your events such as webinars compared to those who registered but never showed up.

· Inactivity – those subscribers who have been inactive for a little while.

· Abandoned Form – target visitors who started to fill out a form on your website but never completed it.

Birthdays and geographic location are other simple ways to segment your data – the key is to continually experiment and monitor the results.