Areas For B2B Marketers To Consider

4 Areas For B2B Marketers To Consider In 2024

As we head into 2024 here are my thoughts on 4 areas that I think B2B marketers may need to consider in what may be an interesting year ahead.

  1. Marketing Budgets – more than simply demand generation
    • It’s hard to escape the word ‘recession’ at present and there’s no doubt that we are starting to see economic headwinds set in. However, I think we’ll continue to see a reduction in the emphasis upon simple ROI metrics and demand generation programmes, and instead see a push for more disciplined and justified budgets that will require a more advanced and well-rounded marketing strategy. The inherent problems with a reliance upon the short-term nature of demand generation, compared to the value adding longer-term brand building activity, will be further exposed in 2024
  2. Adoption Marketing
    • This is the specific focus on the first days and weeks of a brand-new customer relationship, basically how quickly can you help validate and affirm that the decision your new customer made was the right one. It will be increasingly contingent on marketing to do this.
  3. Share of Voice
    • This is not simply about PR clippings, but a deep dive into your brand’s external presence across all media, content and social. There are lots of tools available to help you do this, and to keep ahead of the competition this is something that you’re going to need to build into your activity.
  4. Purpose-Driven Marketing
    • This one is the big one and is only going to become more important. You need to consider how your marketing strategy directly reflects your company’s values and purpose. We’ve already seen this in B2C marketing and B2B is no different. You will need to increasingly think about your marketing’s carbon footprint, as well as how your efforts are positively impacting the careers and lives of your employees, partners, customers, and prospects.